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I hope you find a unique collection of clothing for all sizes.  I have always had a unique style and this boutique is a collection that represents it.  I started this journey to have a personalized collection that I can share with others.  We launched in April of 2021, because after a year like 2020, why not venture out and do what you are passionate about.  I am passionate about always being on top of my game.  This can mean a happy hour with the girls or casually lounging around the house.  I always say, I’d rather be late than ugly.  


I make the personalization of my inventory my most important goal.  I not only pick out every piece of clothing, but I have worn them all.  I am always open to questions on how things fit, because as we all know, not everything fits the same.  With more and more small stores closing and large businesses taking over, The Scarlet Compass is here to help you navigate your own unique style. 


I have always enjoyed traveling and picking up unique items from different places.  I hope we can bring that to you.  I do not carry an abundance of any certain item as I like to always keep my inventory fresh and new.  With each season brings a new style and new patterns.  If you have looked at my inventory, you will know that I like the subtle use of patterns. I want to bring that unique and personal aspect to the online boutique business. 


We are always available to help and open to questions and comments.  I hope you can enjoy the variety of clothing and accessories, which can help you find your way to fashion.  Shopping small supports local dreams!




Cheryl M. Eastman


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